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A new vision of cosmetics

“My ultimate dream? That one day Swissclinical will have enough impact to drive the entire cosmetics industry to respect basic values like transparency, respect for the consumer, environmental awareness and social responsibility… And who knows, maybe we can set a stone in building a better world.” François Fragnière, founder of Swissclinical.

A passionate entrepreneur driven by the vision of a fairer world, François Fragnière is nonetheless a pragmatic businessman. When in 2005 he became interested in cosmetics, he was shocked to discover a complex and opaque universe based on often unrealistic claims and promises.

Determined to find answers, he surrounded himself with the best Swiss dermatological and cosmetics experts and searched for the world’s best products with only one question in mind: can we do better? After a few months he decided to take up the challenge.

To reach his goal, he joined forces with his sister Karine Grieder, a marketing specialist, who is also convinced of the feasibility of developing a safe and effective cosmetics range that totally respects both humans and Nature. Together they founded Swissclinical.