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Respect for the human beings

All work should be fairly remunerated. Respect for human beings and sustainable development are part of our fundamental values and we carefully select our suppliers accordingly. In this way we ensure that our ingredients and materials are not the result of any kind of human exploitation.

Additionally, to actively contribute to improving the lot of children in need in around the world, we created the Swissclinical Foundation in 2008. It is the Foundation’s mission to alleviate the suffering of disadvantaged children by providing medical care they would otherwise not have access to.

To date some 125 children between the ages of 5 to 10, most of them orphans, have already received surgery or other medical treatment provided by the Swissclinical Foundation. We contribute to making these treatments possible by paying a share of our profits into the Foundation.

By joining the Conscious Club, you support this action at no additional cost. For each Swissclinical product bought by a Club member on our on-line shop, we contribute CHF 5.- to the Swissclinical and Aquaverde foundations.